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Is your baby Vegas bound? Let us help!

Doula Las Vegas is a doula agency you and your family can rely on. We are here to make not only your pregnancy easier, but all throughout labor, and after your newborn arrives home.

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Welcome To Doula Las Vegas

Your google search engine is filled with phrases like “doulas near me” or “how can I find a doula?” You need not waste your time any longer! We are here to find a doula near you, that is not just any doula but the best one for your needs! And the needs of your family! Our doula services are everything you and your family are looking for. We are the best in our community as our doulas are the best trained in their field, and they are the best with whatever the mother and baby needs. We offer help during pregnancy, during labor with a birth doula, and postpartum doula care, also known as a postnatal doula care.

Why choose Doula Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Doula is ready to help you and your family through this momentous time of your lives! Adding a newborn to a growing family, or finally just having your first time has much significance in one's life. We understand that and want to prepare you and your family as much as possible for this stage in life!

We value that our families not only feel prepared physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. We know we are the best in our community because when our families are done working with us, they are left feeling prepared and educated enough to effectively work without us. That is our end goal, we want to build up mothers and families to feel ready to take on life with a newborn long after we are gone.

Mothers are always looking for the best for their family. They want to ensure that their family is taken care of! Well we are here to say that we want to take care of you too! We are a company that is not only skilled at what we do, but reliable and trustworthy as well.

It’s important to our company that:

  • Our mothers feel understood and supported
  • Our families feel like our number one priority
  • Our doulas are the best trained in their trade
  • Our doulas are always up to date in their certifications
  • Our families feel compatible and comfortable with their chosen doula
  • That our doulas can answer all the questions to ask a doula you can think of

We have had the pleasure of helping many mothers and their families throughout the years in Las Vegas. We are not only honored to have been a part of their journey but proud of how we were able to help them.

Call us today so we can get started on helping your family through this stage in life! We can start by setting up an appointment so you can meet with one of our doulas, or we can just start by getting you a free estimate. Whatever you need, we are here to provide!

What to expect from Las Vegas

Doula Las Vegas maintains a quality of services that our mothers can always rely on. Our mothers know this and love this about our company! Our mothers feel taken care of as well as their families. Our doulas are held to a high standard, where they are always trained to be the best, experts in all techniques and positions to help the mother, and have all their certifications up to date! Our doulas are also prepared to help advise you in any way you need, and support you in any decision you make.

Contact us today so we can work with you, and help you in any way you need! We would love to get to know you more personally, by meeting up one on one with one of our doulas. Wherever you want, and whenever you are able. We cater to our mothers needs, and schedule! Meet up with one of our doulas, for a cup of coffee or a light brunch, or even at your house! Call us today, we can get started right away!

Our Services

Doula Las Vegas NV is at your service. We have the best variety of packages to fit all your needs, and that of your family! We can help in any aspect of this stage in your life! INcluding the pregnancy, the childbirth, and postpartum care afterwards!

las vegas prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Our doulas are prepared to help you make your ideal birth plan!

  • Our doulas are there to answer any and all questions or concerns

  • Our doulas are there to help make sure you and your baby receive the amount of nutrients necessary to stay healthy

  • Our doulas are there to support you through all your decisions

  • Our doulas are ready to help you mentall and emotionally prepare for your big day!
las vegas birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Your doula can help you try different positions to induce labor

  • Your doula can help make sure you are able to stick to your birth plan as close as possible

  • Your doula has ways to help you manage your pain holistically

  • Your doula is ready to help you with your labor, wherever you are! An intimate home setting or hospital setting!

  • Your doula is ready to capture any moments on camera you are hoping to get

  • Your doula can also help you with back massages, or grabbing you ice chips while your partner stays by your side
las vegas postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Our doulas are here to help you (and your family) transition into life with a newborn

  • Our doulas are there to help you if you experience any postpartum depression or complications

  • Our doulas are there to help you learn how to master whichever feeding style you choose

  • Our doulas love to help with light chores and cleaning

  • Our doulas are there to give you a break, to rest or shower when needed

  • Able to help you find a sleep schedule that works for you and your baby

  • Our doulas are happy to help with meal prepping for your family and you!

  • Our doulas can stay at home and keep you company while your spouse works, if needed

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its entertainment and nightlife, its population runs around 2.7 million people. Its economy runs mostly off the touristic aspect of the city, but also from service workers, such as construction!

Come on over and see Coca-Cola world or the Hershey Factory! We also offer all the flavors of the M&M candies at the M&M store! If you aren't interested in sweets or drinks, the Bellagio is great to walk around and enjoy the fountain and music show!

  • Henderson, NV
  • North Las Vegas, NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Spring Valley, NV
  • Sunrise Manor, NV
  • Winchester, NV


“What's a doula, what a doula do for me and my family?”

A doula is exactly what an expecting mother and her family needs! An aid to get through pregnancy with holistic pain management skills and positions, with aftercare for you and your baby during postpartum time. Our doulas can help you through anything!

“How much is a doula?, How much does a doula cost?”

Doula prices vary per company and per package. Doula Las Vegas cost is the best for the value, and we would love to give you a free estimate on a doula for you if you call us today!

“What’s a death doula?”

A death doula, or also known as end of life doula is another type of odula we offer here at Las Vegas Doula. They will help those who are at the end of their life, prepare themselves menatlly and physically. As well as their family. We also help with pain management and tying up any loose ends that the individual may have, or need help with.

“How can I find a doula near me? Or even doula services near me?”

We have made it our mission for you to not have to worry yourself anymore about finding a doula near you or even a “postpartum doula near me”. Give us a call today and let us do all the work for you!

“What is a doula vs. a midwife? Are they the same thing?”

A doula is a trained individual whose main focus is on the mom and how she is handling pregnancy and childbirth. While the midwife focuses on birthing the baby, our doulas focus on your pain, your comfort and your needs!

“Will my doula replace my family member at my labor?”

No, your doula is the perfect help to make sure your family members can fulfill their role the best possible. Your doula will make sure you have wheat you need, your team understands your birth plan, and your family member can stay by your bedside the entire time

"I don't think I’ll ever be able to repay back the service my doula did for me. I fell in love with her, my kids fell in love with her, heck even my two dogs did!! She was there through all the craziness of pregnancy and when I decided I needed her there for the labor too, she was there without question. And I am so glad she was."

bethany d

"My doula provided me with the best customer service I have ever received in my 28 years of life. My doula knew me so well, she knew my cravings and why I wasn't able to sleep. SHe answered all my concerns, even the crazy pregnant mom ones. Could never thank her enough!!"

laurel h

"My doula provided me with the best customer service I have ever received in my 28 years of life. My doula knew me so well, she knew my cravings and why I wasn't able to sleep. SHe answered all my concerns, even the crazy pregnant mom ones. Could never thank her enough!!"

Delanie m

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Doula Las Vegas is the best in the community. As a mother, or an expecting one, you know that you want what's best for your family, and for your new growing baby. We are willing and able to help with all stages of childbirth, from the pregnancy to the labor, all the way to postpartum care. Which includes you and your baby.

We will provide the best care, and we can guarantee you will be happy you decided to work with us. Not only you, but your entire family! Fill out our form so we can get started on getting to know you and what you need! Call us today if you would like to talk to us one one one, we want to get to know you personally!

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